Consultation Visit

2nd Consultation Visit (if needed)



  • Learn about company and services
  • Complete necessary paper work
  • Provide two (2) keys
  • Pay for requested services
New Client Processing Fee $20 (one-time)
  • Enter client care information into system
  • Provide client with copy of completed forms
  • Label client keys
  • Assign and introduce sitter to pet

Morning Exercise

(limited-service area)

$25 per walk
  • 30 minute morning dog walk

Mid-Day Walks

(limited-service area)

$25 per walk
  • 30 minute afternoon dog walk

Evening Outings

(limited-service area)

$25 per walk
  • 30 minute evening dog walk
Companionship Visits $45 per visit
  • One hour visit with your senior pet or lonely pet
  • Backyard play (if applicable)
  • Walk, feeding and other services extra
Overnight Companionship $85 per night
  • Evening walk
  • Dinner feeding (between 5-7pm)
  • Overnight Companionship (from 9pm-7am)
  • Morning walk
  • Morning feeding
  • Mail/newspaper collection
  • Trash/Recycling to/from curb
  • Water houseplants
  • Water outdoor plants/lawn (extra $10)

If applicable:

  • Scoop litter boxes
  • Refill bird/hamster feeders
Resident Companionship $165 per day
  • All of the Overnight Companionship services
  • Pet sitter provides 18 hours of care
Pet Transport $35*
  • Transport to Vet or Grooming appointment

*Roundtrip transport and appointment should not exceed two hours. $15 per 30 minute charge applies after first two hours.

Vacation Visit $30 per visit
  • Provide food and fresh water
  • Provide 30 minutes of direct attention
  • Walk (if applicable)
  • Scoop litter boxes
  • Refill bird/hamster feeders
  • Mail/newspaper collection
  • Trash/Recycling to/from curb
  • Water houseplants
  • Water outdoor plants/lawn (extra $10)
  • Alter curtains/blinds and lights
House Sitting (residential) $50 per night

$25 per drop-in visit*

(*sitter does not stay in your home)

  • Mail/newspaper collection
  • Trash/Recycling to/from curb
  • Water houseplants
  • Water outdoor plants/lawn
  • No pet services
  • Sitter stays in your home
In-Home Boarding $65 per calendar day

$55 for second pet from the same home

  • Your pet stays in a home with a family
  • Your pet receives daily walks
  • Your pet participates in group play (if available)

Services and Rates

Extra Pet $5 per Dog

$3 per Cat

$2 per Bird

* Others vary

Holiday Surcharge $10 day of, before and after a major holiday
  • Holidays include: Thanksgiving/Christmas/

New Year/Easter/Memorial Day/Labor Day/July 4th

Inclement Weather Charge $10 per day
  • Service provided during severe weather
Key Pick Up/Drop Off $15 per instance (Key can be left on file to avoid fee.)
Emergency Care Surcharge $10 per walk

$25 overnight (flat)

$10 house sit

$15 transport

  • Less than 24 hour notice for walk
  • Less than 72 hour notice for overnight
  • Less than 48 hour notice for house sitting
  • Less than 48 hour notice for transport
After Hour Care Charge $3
  • Care requested before 7:30am or after 8pm
Out of Area $15
  • For clients outside of service area
Returned Check $32 per check  
Late Payment $10
  • For invoices not paid by due date

Prices subject to change without notice.



We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Payment policies vary with service.

  • Midday Dog Walks: Payments are made a week in advance. Payments are collected during initial consultation and every Friday thereafter.
  • Pet Transport: Payments are made at the time of pick up.
  • In-Home Boarding: Payment of 50% is due at time reservation is made. Balance is due at pick up.
  • All other services: Payment of 50% of the total invoice is due at the signing of the contract or at the time the reservation is made (for current clients). The remaining 50% is due at the completion of services.
  • Major Holiday Services: All major holiday services must be pre-paid in full 3 weeks prior to the initiation of service to secure the reservation.

Late Payments and Returned Checks

Clients who pay late more than twice will be required to pay for scheduled services in advance. Clients who have more than one returned check will be required to pay by cash, money order or credit card.


  • Walks must be cancelled by 8am the morning of the scheduled walk to avoid full charge.
  • Holiday Contracts will be charged 75% of the total invoice if canceled after payment. (Our team members make plans to forego time with their loved ones in order to provide care for your loved ones. Additionally, all requests during holiday periods cannot be accommodated. Therefore, there is a revenue loss when a cancellation occurs.)
  • All other canceled services are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
  • No refund or credit will be given for same day cancellations. No cash refunds are given only account credit.

Inclement Weather

During severe/inclement weather, services may not be available and an additional fee will apply to services provided. Visit time may be adjusted during inclement weather to ensure the safety of your pets and our pet care providers. Clients should call Around Midnight Pet Services, LLC to confirm or cancel services.

Pet Care Loudoun County, Virginia